So? What is Toothache?

Toothache Logo - a cartoon tooth with bandages and gunk on it, the words Toothache appear under.

Well, we definitely are not a cause of, or cure for actual tooth pain.

Toothache Band, as we formally call ourselves is a collection of clothing, accessories and really cute stuff that is so sweet that it is painful - kind of like how too many sweet treats can give you a toothache.

We take a lot of inspirations for our designs from alternative fashion and Japanese street fashion, and all the niche styles that can be found under these fashion umbrellas - at some point we will talk about those more!  We also are influenced by short lived 80's brands like Units System - which is definitely a topic for future discussion.

One thing that wasn't very common when Toothache started was inclusive sizing.  Bunny is pretty chubby and started making her own clothes when she was left out of the retail sizing for popular alt fashion brands.  She started adding a small collection of plus size clothing to her Etsy shop, and Toothache's mission was born - we wanted to make clothing for every BODY.  Currently We are able to offer sizing from a US X-Small to a 5X-Large, and hope as our brand grows we can offer even more sizing options.

We also want to be accessible cost wise for our customers.  We keep our costs low by not keeping a large inventory on hand, and we select fabrics that will hold up to being worn for a long time.  This creates a slower turn around for you to get your order, because your items don't exist yet.  It does help keep the price tags lower, and it prevents a lot of wasted energy and materials since an item isn't made until it has a forever home. 

We totally are not fast fashion!  We don't even try to be.  Our collections are fun and trendy, but are also designed in a way that they can fit right in with your looks next year and the year after, even if your style changes.  We design our pieces and prints with the idea that they can be mixed and matched, not only with other collections we offer, but with items you already may have at home.  We want to save you money and not overload your closet by helping you create multiple looks our of our items! 


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