About Us

Hi! Thanks for stopping by <3. 

So you want to know more about Toothache Brand?  Well grab a glass of water, and get comfy - because I love to talk about Toothache!

Toothache Brand Clothing is made for every body - a size and gender inclusive brand that creates alternative style clothing and accessories.

I'm Bunny, and Toothache came from a my love of Japanese Street Fashion but a lack of options for plus size folks like myself.  As much as I love the feminine cuts that are out there, at times I wanted some less form fitting or more masculine styles and there was a lack of options there too.

So that is how Toothache came about!  So sweet it will make your teeth hurt.

Is Toothache Brand Fast Fashion?

Nope.  We are quite the opposite.  Our designs and styles stick around more than a season - some of our staple pieces have been here for years! 

We make clothes that are going to last, are meant to be washed, and want to be part of your regular looks for the long term.  Not getting involved with the Fast Fashion trends keeps our clothing out of landfills, and reduces waste.

Why does it take so long to get my order?

You will notice that most of our clothing items do not ship right away, and take a few weeks to make.  Our pieces are made on demand as you order them. 

We decided to take this route to keep waste down.  We only make what you want!  This keeps cost down for you since there is not a warehouse to pay overhead on, and it prevents wasting resources and energy to make items that may not be purchased right away.

It also gives us the option to offer a huge selection of colorways and styles - and even offer custom designs.  This prevents out of stock situations, and we really don't like the FOMO marketing style so you can order when you are ready.

How to get cute faster?

Some times you want to be cute right away!  There are some ways you can do that!

One way is to follow @toothacheshop on Instagram.  We do pre-orders often, and those items generally show up about a 10 days after the pre-order closes, which is usually a week sooner than when ordered outside of a pre-order event - and there is always at least a $5 discount on pre-order items!

We do offer an Order Rush option for $11.99, this will get your order to you about 10 days sooner, even pre-order items can be rushed!

Check out the Kei Collective!  They carry Toothache Brand, and often have on hand stock of our most popular prints and sometimes exclusive items - plus they stock a lot of other cool indy brands and artists.

Wait? Toothache is on Etsy too?

Yes, Toothache items can be found on Etsy as well.  However, you will not find our entire collection there.  It is a great place to find one offs, samples, or b-grade Toothache Brand items.  If its the last one of a discontinued item, or something that just didn't come are good as it should, it gets listed on Etsy.  Keep in mind, the pricing will vary for items on Etsy, and you will always get the best price at Toothacheshop.com.

Don't love the color or want a custom print?

Yes, we can customize the prints and colors for you!  Send a message to heytoothache@gmail.com